Charles Meyers Art – 2023

Charles Meyers journey is a story that speaks of an artist who became
well-known and highly respected in the area of abstraction and
coloration, as well as advocation for diversity…issues which are so
important, so heavily debated, and so very relevant in our world today.
After creating so many highly collectable works…and works that sit
in the collection of many notables, the artist is currently completing a
new series entitled Evolution – works depicting and paying homage
to the #MeToo movement and those who have suffered from sexual
harassment, workplace discrimination and the world through
practiced lens. The artist’s journey through life allows
him to uniquely approach the canvas in a very free, unapologetic
and candid manner.

CHARLES MEYERS –  Exceptional • Abstract • Colorist

Introducing Charles Meyers, a self-taught artist who is now termed a
“Modern Colorist.” He began his painting career as a teenager who
had an impulse to bring life to what was for him, the entirely blank
canvas of life.

He has augmented his art education and technique
at Rhode Island School of Design in glass blowing, stained glass
construction, silk screening, and wood and stone carving.
Meyers is an important emerging artist – an abstract painter & colorist
who has defined both living and commercial spaces in an entirely
revolutionary manner.

The prevailing motif in his paintings throughout his career has been
the relationship between geometric shapes in two dimensions while
utilizing color to set his work apart.

Previous Gallery Showings

[ ] Gallery Stroll Tour –  (Private Viewings)
– Turks Head Building Providence, RI (June 2023)

[ ] Sea Ranch Club
– Boca Raton, Florida (Sept – December 2023)

[ ] The Studio Gallery (2022 – 2023)
– Boca Raton, Florida

[ ] The Design Studio (2015 – 2023)
– Boca Raton, Florida

Upcoming Gallery Showings

[ ] Charles Meyers – Live Gallery
– Turks Head Building Providence, RI (September,  7 2023)

[ ] Charles Meyers – Live Gallery
– Cambridge Innovation Center,  Providence, RI (September,  14 2023)

[ ] Charles Meyers – Live Gallery – Painting in the Park
– Providence Pedestrian Bridge,  Providence, RI (September,  21 2023)